Riviera BT Cloud Services Introduction !

Industrial IoT or industry 4.0

Digital Transformation in Industrials & Manufacturing

Industrial IoT (IIoT) or industry 4.0 brings automation, energy-saving, and predictive, preventative maintenance to factory machinery. We at Riviera Business Technologies build factory floor expert systems for your manufacturing site. Our customized smart solution provides visualized data and integrates data for manufacturing, power consumption, and microgrids. It will quickly identify and resolve areas of risk and leverage opportunities for improvement and provide safety for the operators’ staff and machines to increase product quality.

CLoud Services

Digital Twins

Digital models can gain insights, predict maintenance, and enhance systems’ software. It is a recipe for innovation.


Create digital twins of any environment and create them in a scalable and secure manner


Riviera BT develops and models digital twins in any enterprise environment in a scalable and secure manner


Integration of assets such as IoT devices and existing manufacturing systems


Develop dynamic business logic and data processing using a powerful event system


Using cloud-based data, analytics, and artificial intelligence services, you can track the history and forecast the future

Cloud Services

Artificial Intelligence

The ability to sense, comprehend, and learn is one of the key characteristics of artificial intelligence (AI). The application of AI with machine learning help recognize patterns in data sets, helping to provide real-time – and even forecast – suggestions and recommendations to create a sustainable and green manufacturer.


Industrial and manufacturing IoT use cases

Saving Energy

By managing and monitoring heating, cooling, electricity, and water consumption, our solution reduces energy consumption.

expert systems

Our factory expert system solution utilizes artificial intelligence technologies for solving complex problems in a particular field and enhancing the complexity of a human expert’s decision-making process.

Predictive, preventative maintenance

By implementing Ai (Artificial Intelligent) technology on new and preexisting factory machinery

Safety System

Safety systems such as thermal sensing, pressure sensing, and gas leaks control

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