Riviera BT Cloud Services Introduction !

Riviera BT Cloud Services

Introducing Riviera BT Cloud Service

We are excited to launch our newest product, the Riviera BT Cloud Service, designed to transform how you interact with smart devices. Providing you with sheer perfection as it seamlessly fills the gap between convenience and efficiency,
our cloud services consist of numerous defining end-user features designed to enhance your monitoring experience with elevated control.

Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Delve deep into your data with our Time Series Data feature, empowering you to analyze and understand trends like never before. Take charge of your schedule with Time Management and Scheduling, ensuring your devices operate smarter when you need them to.

Third-party integrations extend your comprehensive scope for optimal service integration and customization with tools you love. Our Admin Features – right from Node Registration to Grouping make the administrators happy as they ensure management at every step.

Keep your devices up-to-date with Over-the-Air (OTA) Firmware Upgrades, guaranteeing they’re always operating optimally. Dive deep into insights with Statistics and smart Insights, offering unparalleled understanding and optimization opportunities.

Our User Management suite takes care of everything, right from Sign Up to Account Deletion. Our array of features such as Sign In, Change Password and Forgot Password ensures convenience with security at every stage.

Mobile App

Mobile App

Enjoy the convenience of our Remote Control and Monitoring feature to handle your devices from anywhere, having full control regardless of location. What’s more, Local Control and Monitoring are not the only limitations as our service also offers to provide you with strong local access.

Craft the perfect ambiance effortlessly with Scenes and Grouping functionalities, allowing you to orchestrate your devices in harmony with just a few taps. Share control with ease using Node Sharing, fostering collaboration and convenience among users.

Say goodbye to repetitive tasks with our Automation feature, streamlining your routines for maximum efficiency. Stay informed on the go with Mobile Push Notifications, keeping you updated on important events and changes.

Mobile App

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